Modernizing SQL Analytics: Dremio and FlashBlade

  • Cloud-native disaggregation of query engines and storage, making it simple to independently scale, operate, and upgrade systems.
  • Ability to query filesystem and object data together, allowing you to store data at the best location without requiring extra copies.
  • Support for Hive tables enables in-place migration from legacy Hadoop warehouses.

How to Configure Dremio and FlashBlade

Configure an S3 Data Lake Source

pureuser@irp210-c01> pureobjaccount create dremio
pureuser@irp210-c01> pureobjuser create dremio/dremio-user
pureuser@irp210-c01> pureobjuser access-key create --user dremio/dremio-user
  • fs.s3a.endpoint should point to the FlashBlade data VIP
  • should be “true”
  • fs.s3a.connection.ssl.enabled to “false.” You can enable SSL connections if you have imported a valid certificate into the FlashBlade.

Configure a Filesystem Data Lake

# Extra Volumes
# Array to add extra volumes to all Dremio resources.
- name: irp210-data
claimName: irp210-pvc-import
- name: phonehome-data
path: /phonehome
# Extra Volume Mounts
# Array to add extra volume mounts to all Dremio resources, normally # used in conjunction with extraVolumes.
- name: irp210-data
mountPath: “/datalake”
- name: phonehome-data
mountPath: “/phonehome”

Configure a Hive Data Lake

  • fs.s3a.endpoint should point to a FlashBlade data VIP
  • set to true
  • Optionally, set fs.s3a.connection.ssl.enabled to false if you have not imported a certificate to the FlashBlade
  • fs.s3a.access.key to access key from FlashBlade
  • fs.s3a.secret.key to secret key from FlashBlade

Automating Data Lake Configurations

Filesystem or Object Store? Both

SELECT cc.cc_class,
Sum(cs.cs_sales_price) AS “sales total”
“flashblade-s3”.joshuarobinson.”external_tpcds”.”catalog_sales” AS cs
INNER JOIN “flashblade-nfs”.”call_center” AS cc
ON cs.cs_call_center_sk = cc.cc_call_center_sk
GROUP BY cc.cc_class

Distributed Store on S3

type: “aws”
bucketName: “dremio”
path: “/”

authentication: “accessKeySecret”
accessKey: “ACCESS”
secret: “SECRET”

extraProperties: |-

Performance Testing





Data science, software engineering, hacking

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Joshua Robinson

Joshua Robinson

Data science, software engineering, hacking

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